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Cloud 9 Double Touch Couples Stimulator

Body Safe

This is going to be a fairly short review because the Double Touch Couples Stimulator is simply the perfect foreplay item for couples. At first I was hesitant being that I have never seen a shape of toy quite like this-- I wondered.... Is it a vibrator? A massager? And the answer is that it essentially is both and can be used on all parts of the body.

The instructions state it can be used for men and women, and I can report that while using it as a massager over the penis, my partner exclaimed "it's just like having gentle fingers caressing me". He enjoyed it very much and I used it on his legs, buttocks and nipples as well, as a soft massage.

Then it was my turn and my partner first tried the stimulator on my nipples and it felt so sensual. The softness was incredible. He then used one of the 'fingers' inside me while the other stimulated my clitoris. The different vibrating speeds made it fun and although it didn't feel intense the way a direct massager would, we enjoyed discussing the different settings of vibrations and exploring all the places the stimulator could be used.

My favorite position was actually to be on my knees while my partner inserted one finger of the stimulator in my vagina while the other massaged around my anus. It was a heavenly experience and quite a turn-on. Again the toy was so soft I didn't need any lubrication but one could certainly use lube if needed.

A must-have foreplay item in my book, especially for sensual and slow playtime. Just make sure to have it charged before your session. The instructions state that the quiet vibration will last two hours, I used mine for a straight hour with my partner and it worked seamlessly between us. It's a unique toy that I actually can't wait to use again, even if I'm by myself!

Available in Purple/Black and Pink/White.

Recommend water-based lube like Sliquid H2O.


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Lady Bliss is a college-educated mom in her forties who is open-minded towards not only others' sexuality but has taken time in recent years to experiment with her own. She has a busy schedule but has begun to take time for herself and learn more about what gives her pleasure. Recently, she has expanded her sexual boundaries to include bisexuality and group sex and hopes to help others expand their boundaries as well whether it be with a partner(s) or alone.

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