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Coochy Frosted Cake Shave Creme from Classic Erotica by Danica Dane

Our friend, the sexy and strong Danica Dane, tried out another great bath product - Coochy Frosted Cake Shave Creme - and provided her own take on this wonderful bath time addition. Use Coupon Code DANICA and get 15% off of this or any other product in our catalog.



Oh my goodness! I cannot get over how GOOD this product smells! I was skeptical that it would smell artificial and overbearing, but I was wrong! I absolutely LOVE how it smells like a real cupcake. I was almost tempted to eat it!

This definitely helped smooth my skin out and avoid pesky razor burn and bumps that tend to come post shaving. I am SO glad I found this product and will be using it again!

Grade:   10/10

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