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Thus far

Over the last fifteen months, we have endeavored to create resource on the web that serves adult clientele from all walks of life. We have learned much, through trial and error, as any business would.

Throughout this journey we have always asked ourselves "What will serve our customers' needs most effectively? What will deliver value?"

More critically however we have acted with integrity, something which we have found lacking all too often in today's business environment. We commit to deliver quality and value in all that we do. That is what drives us and our actions.

We have also attempted to give back to our community through matching contributions. This has been a major disappointment to us as many customers ignore the savings opportunities and means to make a difference. We will try to make this better known and more clearly communicated so that we can capitalize on our growing customer base.

As always if there is something you wish to share with us, please feel free to reach out.

- MoreThanSexToys,com

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