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Giving back this holiday season!

From our beginning, we have believed in giving back to our community and to those who work toward making this world a better place for all.

Whether these quiet warriors are funding research to overcome ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), prostate cancer or even make people feel more comfortable about their own sexuality, they all contribute their time and energy to improving and even saving people's lives. Through our Coupons for Causes initiative have identified ten organizations whose missions align with these aspirations. We think that you can find at least one of these who will strike a chord in your heart.

In addition, this year has seen natural disasters wreak havoc in our backyard. So in addition to Coupons for Causes we are donating 10% of our profits to United for Puerto Rico to aid in hurricane recovery efforts. Click here for details.

Curious how this all works? Here's a quick and easy slide we put together to clear up any confusion. This slide of course assumes an order value greater than $45.

Holiday giving


Bottom line...give to those who need it this season. Be safe this Thanksgiving. We appreciate you guys. Take care of each other.



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