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Technology and Sex

We live in an age when technology presents solutions to a host of challenges, including intimacy. I remember when cybersex was brand new, back in the old days of MS-DOS and your imagination had to fill in the gaps left in the wake of the monochromatic amber print on the screen.

It was very binary. You would request a private chat session with someone, find some secluded channel and begin to interact with someone three states away who claimed to be a taut, 20-year-old junior studying psychology at a small college in North Carolina and spent her free time toning her lean physique by running three miles a day...did I say too much?  Anyway, after typing more in 45 minutes of fantasy exchange than you normally would in an entire semester of term papers, you would likely go back to your room, masturbate and hope to "hook up" online again.

Graduallly manufacturers begin to introduce remote control devices which allow lovers to stimulate partners from across the room (or while watching SportsCenter in the basement). Then along came the iPhone from Apple and the app market exploded. If you could make something happen with your smartphone, app developers made it happen.

Fast forward to the age of factory-installed web cams, wi-fi, and now you have the burgeoning field of teledildonics. Teledilldonics is a term coined recently by Dutch manufacturer, KIIROO, who introduced a revolutionary pair of items in 2015 that allowed partners on the other side of the world to stimulate each other physically immediately and more accurately than previously possible. Technology affords customers the following scenarios:

  • Interacting with partners
  • Interacting with strangers (and adult celebrities)
  • Interacting with a program or an artificial intelligence

Consider your favorite cam model, Kiki Daire or Jay Taylor for example. Think about scheduling an hour with Kiki during which she would use the Kiiroo Pearl while the sensations are transmitted in real time to the corresponding Onyx receiver in your possession. It would in effect be virtual sex with your favorite adult film star without ever actually meeting in person. This is the technology available today.

Take a look at our Reach Out and Touch collection. Take advantage of the discounts you see from Kiki Daire, for discounts on products that allow you to interact more closely with her. As we develop partnerships with others, we will let you know.

For now, have a laugh.

Check out KIIROO's CEO discuss the future of intimacy.

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