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We created MoreThanSexToys.com to be a sexpositive destination on the web. This is not just about selling products. Anyone can do that...vibrators, condoms, lubes are everywhere but what is sadly in shortage is reliable, sound and reassuring information about sex.

To quote George Michael: "Sex is natural. Sex is fun." This is something virtually everybody does but is still taboo to discuss. Recent surveys show that 40% of OB-GYNs do not discuss sexual wellness with their patients. This is neither healthy nor wise.

We have spoken to multiple experts and therapists about the state of sexuality and sexual wellness today. The pace and accessibility to pornography has never been as great as it is today but education and discussion has not kept pace. The proliferation of ineffective abstinence-only education as well as incomplete, guilt-ridden information is having disastrous consequences.

As a result we have before us a perfect storm of confusion. An entire generation of young adults is growing up with a constant digital stream of hardcore imagery absent context or supervision without sound information about the health benefits of sex, the adult ramifications of this behavior and the practical means of addressing those issues. We believe in parental locks on this material. But education about the real world implications of sex are the best defense against an onslaught of ignorance and distortions.

So join us and help us make this site a community where we share, learn and make a difference.

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