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Kissing (for Men)

One of the most intimate acts we can share with someone is kissing. When done properly, kissing is not only sensual but extremely arousing. But good kissing requires not only gentleness and passion but attention to detail.

We recently received a request to answer some questions for an article coming up. Below are some tips which we share for men.

  1. Do not rush. Take your time at first. Allow the momentum to gather and the anticipation to build.
  2. Do not shove your tongue down a woman's throat. As you're kissing, let your tongue graze her lips and if she seems receptive or even reciprocates you know you have a more willing partner. The key is to proceed gently and patiently. It's like Otis Redding said, try a little tenderness.
  3. Pay attention to more than her mouth. Stroke her cheek softly for example. Let your fingers slide softly along her neck up to her chin very slowly.
  4. Remember that the goal is not to swallow your partner's mouth. Start by letting your lips brush against your partner's and allow the pressure to build gradually.
  5. Perhaps most important and the characteristic which has earned me the most praise - relax your lips. They should be soft. Do not tense up. Relax, enjoy. No one wants to kiss something that feels like overcooked pot roast.

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