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Interview with Sarah Vandella

We are delighted to showcase our interview with adult performer, Sarah Vandella. We are glad to meet and talk with someone so open and willing to talk about her experiences. 


Tell us about yourself. We read that you are from Long Island? Suffolk County or Nassau County?

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me! I grew up primarily between Suffolk county Long Island, NY & Orange County, CA.

If I understand it correctly, you went from working in an adult store to dancing to working a brothel in Nevada and then to film. Can you tell us in your own words what drove you through this path? What made you move from one place or career to another?

Yes , I went from retail to dancing slowly, and then into sex work. I wanted things to happen progressively in due time without feeling rushed. It was important to me that everything happened on my own terms. I didn’t even know what a DP was when I was 21. LOL I had to ask my boyfriend at the time, and he nearly lost his shit and thought I was too innocent to be a sex worker!

How long have you been in the adult business?

I have been performing on camera since March 2007.

Sarah Vandella

You have a very active website. How often do you film?

Mostly whenever I can. I try to do daily nudes on my OnlyFans or solos a couple times a week, if I don’t have boy/girl or girl/girl full length scenes coming out.

Of all the adult performers we have either met, gotten to know or read about, you seem to have one of the most “assertive” or outspoken approaches. You seem to embrace your sexual palette fully and unabashedly, you don’t shrink from it at all. That is pretty refreshing to see. Is that accurate on our part? How did that approach develop within you?

It was always very important to me to be honest about my desires and interest in coming into the adult industry. It was never solely for money, it was out of a passion and the love of performing and providing!

You still appear at the Mustang Ranch from time to time (you are on their website). 

Yes, I have always been honest about my past working in brothels. I wanted to work legally. I never wanted to be arrested for sex work, which is why I don’t escort illegally.

Do you work with couples?

Sometimes. To be honest, I’ve had weird experiences where one person would be jealous or want more than what was negotiated. So now I’m extremely picky.

Do you ever have a client with whom you have no chemistry and it just doesn’t work?

No, because I make sure chemistry is established way before the negotiation process.

What are the traits you look for in a client?

Someone who is respectful, non-alpha male, sweet, honest, and values my time and energy.

What are some suggestions you would have for people considering visiting a legal brothel?

Come prepared and good hygiene is a must.

Sarah Vandella

Similarly, what do you look for in a performer with whom you work?

Someone with intense passion that will bring the best out of me and vice versa and our time together on film.

Is there a common thread among your clients?

Mostly they’re very respectable men, who can formulate a sentence and value my time and energy.

Are there specific things clients ask for from you? I know that you apparently have specific oral skills (specifically deep throating). 

To be honest, unless it’s a fan, most men aren’t aware of my deep throat skills until there with me in the middle of our party. LOL

What are some products you always keep handy when having sex?

Honestly, I love a good selection of different lubes for my guy. Some men prefer coconut oil, as opposed to silicone or water-based lube. And of course, condoms always, because safe sex is the best sex.

Do you recall the first scene and with whom you performed? What were you nervous about exactly? Performing or the interaction with other performers?

When you start performing they don’t tell you how to do it, so you have to figure everything out on your own. I think that’s where the nerves came from. But, it did come natural to me, which is why I stuck & stayed for 12 years.

There’s no way to put this gently so here goes. What is your honest reaction to the realization that tens of thousands of men (and women, but mostly men) are pleasuring themselves looking at you?

That is an unusual dynamic to say the least. The thought of thousands of people jerking off to me is what turns me on. That’s kind of one of the hottest elements to being an adult performer, knowing that people are pleasuring themselves to your content.

What do you think spouses could learn about their partners from you?

The importance of communication and trying things without having judgment.

What do you think couples could learn or gain from your material?

Go outside your comfort zone, but make sure both parties are comfortable. Maybe add toys or cosplay/dress up into your bedroom time together, as well.

What have you learned about yourself from performing?

I’ve learned that I am a sexual being that’s always evolving and exploring new desires and new challenges.

Sarah Vandella
Has it expanded your tastes or personal boundaries?
After 12 years of doing porn, you’re going to naturally push your boundaries and threshold, whether that’s with performing or enjoying.

One growing genre of adult film is the "fan f**k." Would you ever consider this? Have you filmed this kind of performance?

I’ve only done Fuck a Fan with Porno Dan before. All the fans were tested and pre-approved. I don’t think this is something I’d do without a studios help. Too much work, and I don’t have time for it.

How has the more independent nature of adult work changed in the time you have been in the industry? What I mean is that many performers have smaller but lucrative niche businesses on their own instead of the studio system that used to be the driving force.

I think you have to have a balance with both personal content and studio content to be relevant.

There seem to be so many ways to follow/interact with a performer. On which platforms do you participate, broadcast or share/sell material?

SextPanther: sextpanther.com/Sarah-Vandella
OnlyFans: onlyfans.com/sarahvandella
Clips4Sale: clips4sale.com/studio/122753/sarah-vandella

Is there something you want fans to know that you that they may not?
Please make sure to follow me on social media to keep up with my new releases, appearances, and more.

Twitter: @mssarahvandella
Instragram: @legit_sarahvandella

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