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Interview with jessica drake, Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of our conversation with jessica drake. In this final installment, we talk about specific products that she endorses and represents, all of which are available in our online store. 


How did you get involved with Cowgirl?

I love Alicia [Sinclair]. Alicia went to the same sex education program as I went to the first time for the first certification I got, she was there.

So I've always been an admirer of all of her brands. And with Cowgirl I appreciate how each of her friends has a different aesthetic right? Very different vibes. Different goals. A bit different demographics from one another. I thought cowgirl was an awesome idea. I offered to direct a commercial for Alicia. She wanted me to shoot a guide to ride as an educational resource for anyone that purchased a cowgirl. And the first thing I said was I need one. I need one to use. I need to see because I won’t endorse anything unless I love it. The toy is heavy. And I love it.

Yeah I had a hard time getting it up the stairs in my house but I did.  And I really enjoyed it so I shot a commercial for it and I had other people use it too. And we started working together that way and we travel together because we train the same retailers and distributors, so we're around each other a fair bit. We're working on some projects this year to collaborate on together. b-Vibe specifically and a bit of LeWand. I’ve started doing things with WICKED Sensual because I think in a lot of ways we have some brand similarities in the way we think about things and I love her education. I love that with every product she sells, she backs it up with education.

Her Chrome collection as part of LeWand is her brand new stuff. She just brought out more products in the Chrome Collection than I think she has at any other given time but they’re all perfect. I walked over there and I couldn't even tell you which one thing I would want to focus on because they're all so good. Called the Chrome collection. They're all small very powerful vibrators that instantly plug into a USB for charging. Ah rose gold.  They’re beautiful.  I love them so much.

The public seems to have a habit of regarding adult performers in one dimension. What would you like to say or what would you like them to know?

Jessica DrakeWe are still people. We are very human. So take that first. It would be like if you can regard an adult performer or sex worker as any other person that you would meet just that would be great first step. A super first step. And also, when we get asked questions like “Oh I'm sure you're…you're having orgies twenty-four hours a day” or “Everybody in your business drinks and does drugs” or “You're all damaged or come from abused backgrounds” ask yourself “Would you ask the teller at your bank that question?” “Do I…do I feel exploited?” Go ask the busboy at a restaurant that question. Consider it more as an occupation and an industry, one that certainly does come with its own sets of issues for sure. But I think just the continuing efforts to humanize the people in the any type of sex field. I've had people come to me “I only sell pleasure products on the road and my kids school found out about it and there's some kids that aren't allowed to come over to my house and play.” 

It’s massive. Oh that stigma just blows my mind. So continue to humanize our industry because everyone has sex, right? It’s how we all got here.

 Wicked Sensual Care

…Some of the other studios, obviously in the age that we live in had a tough time of it and they branched out into any number of other products.  But WICKED seems to have taken a much more conservative approach in selectively going after a market and it was a market that was already in a lot of ways…kinda saturated...


Is WICKED trying to change its brand? Are there other products that you think WICKED might be trying?

…I think that when WICKED was looking to expand we did look at a lot of other things – toys, lingerie. We chose lube. But we chose Lube knowing that we were going to do it very intentionally and build a brand that was in alignment with WICKED Pictures’ philosophy, which was always really high-quality, a lot of Integrity behind the product and I think it's reflective of the owner of the company, obviously, owner of WICKED Pictures, owner of WICKED Sensual Care makes all of the hiring decisions which speaks to some of the amazing people we have in sales.

For me, it was a it was sort of a natural like “Here I'm going to go over here and help out over here because I'm already working for a WICKED Pictures.” and I became an educator. I started doing the educational and then we started the lube and I think that just it was the right time and society started looking for sex ed, right? Let's be real. It was definitely a smart business move as well. And I think the changes that we’ve made within a company in the past with WICKED Sensual in the past seven years have been very thoughtful. And when you talk about making every single SKU in just focusing on were really deliberate. And I know that I've been in the office and I have been asked to try five different versions of a flavor. Everybody's being asked to do that and we go back and forth on things. We never bring out new stuff until we're all sure and I think that doesn’t always happen and I think when you do it with such a purpose and you just we love it, and we believe in it. SO when our salespeople talk about it, they know it. They actually know what it is, what it does, and they get passionate about it.

And it’s funny sitting here talking about it because of all the products that you could sell in this market, the one that is always needed but doesn’t necessarily need to change in response to technology….

Yessss… We’re also doing things in an attempt not to ride the wave of popularity of being inclusive. And what is diversity, right? But we're really we're really learning what that means and how it reflects our products, our packaging. One of the first things that I said about Crème, our masturbation cream was in a black tube and underneath that it says masturbation cream for men and I said “You shouldn’t really be doing that. Why are we gendering products? Because as soon as you gender a product you're saying that it isn't for someone else, right? So we went back and forth with this and if you are in our both you will see that it’s now called Crème…stroking and massage cream. Period. Full stop…nothing more…so.

What do you want people to know about your approach to teaching sexuality or sexual health…I mean that maybe they don't hear enough or  where that they may not have fully understood yet?

That’s the hardest question.

I mean I think that while I often focus on teaching people specific sex acts and how to make a scene fashionable. I would love to continue to collaborate with other people for a broader look at sexual health and pleasure.

And so for me at this point, it's more about who can I get together in the bigger picture that will benefit people and I usually approach that like a “Well if this is me, what would I want?”, “If if this thing happened to me or if I have this say issue or if I had this question what it what does the support for me look like?” And that's what I try to give people and I find that the more help we have with that the best better cause it's really takes a village sometimes.

I'm trying to also be really conscious of following my passion and not being too corporate…

Ultimately, it's my job to make a product that sells at the end of the day. Because I work for a company with that being said. My personal branding and my reputation is so important to me. That I just want to be really transparent and really authentic and not have what I teach being mandated by anyone else. If I want to give people the information that I wish I would have had and the information I think everybody needs, you know and think that it gets so much better and I see progress and when I see when I see progress in small amounts, it is so rewarding. Because a lot of the time we work really hard on stuff and yeah, we can qualify that by scales are followers or likes or awards or whatever. But when I see something change or someone feel a different way or do things differently that is the most empowering thing in the equation. I should just stop right there. {jessica laughs] I’m like “and in conclusion…” Yes.

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