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Interview with jessica drake, Part 1

Many will recognize her as an adult screen legend but as this article will show, jessica drake has embraced a much more ambitious endeavor to change how people discuss and learn about sex.

Over the last decade, she earned her certification at one of the most respected sexual wellness centers and now uses her success to promote open and honest dialogue about the various aspects of sexuality. In addition, jessica drake advocates for greater awareness, openness and acceptance of transgender performers and community as a whole. Whereas many successful professionals might dial back and enjoy the fruits of their hard work, she shows no signs of slowing down. 

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Within 30 seconds of talking to jessica drake you realize that she is much more than the on-screen vixen she portrays in her adult performances. She is exceptionally genuine and sincere, focused and clear.

I’d be lying if I said it was not intimidating to meet someone of her stature and renown. But I had done my homework and I knew that he was more than just what you see on the screen.

Sexual health and wellness educator

We started our conversation talking about her transition from a performer to an educator. We then began to talk about her expansion into sexual health and wellness.

You built a name for yourself as a performer. What prompted you to move into sex education?

So back in the early, I would say maybe 2004-2005 as I was doing appearances more and more people were coming to me asking me for sex advice and at first I was like so they're coming to me because sex is a thing that I do on camera that I'm really open about and they want like blowjob hints anal sex tips and things like that. 

But then I realize that they continue to come to me from a place of “I don't know my body”, “I don't know how to please my partner”, “I don't know if I'm okay because I'm kinky so they were coming to me with other concerns…In about 2010. I wanted to start a line of educational movies which I did. WICKED said “Well, let's do one and see how it works out.”

So I did fellatio first because it was one of the more popular topics, right? And then in 2011, I began going to school to be a certified sex educator which I did. And I have gotten other certification trainings since then…

I don't know that it was an overnight decision more than it was like a gradual trajectory the way of it just changed but I went for where my passion was. It's like I I saw a need and I wanted to help it out and then it just kind of changed what I was doing so I would say if I had to pick just one reason It would probably be about the lack of pleasure-based, consent-aware sex-ed. So here I am!

So did it change how you approach your performances?

That’s a really good question because fortunately WICKED is a condom mandatory company, right? …I don't know if in doing that I became more conscious of what I was showing an audience who I knew were relying on porn erroneously for like legitimate sex education. It made me more aware of it but it didn't necessarily change what I was doing when I do a feature film…I basically do about the same thing because I’ve always, since about six months in the business, been very pleasure-oriented myself.

Because for me as somebody getting into business when I was like 25 years old-ish, I looked at everything and I was like “Okay, so we do like these sex acts and then the guy comes and then that's it. Like that's the money shot…Why aren't all the orgasms the money shot, right?” But I was like “the guy’s jerking off, he comes and then the scene is done” and I’m like “Nope [laughs] nope.” 

So then I started only working…this is a long time ago before WICKED…I started working only with people I really wanted to work with. I was doing sex acts that I really wanted to do and I did that for my whole career.

Jessica drake has continued to carve out her path and define her career and brand through selectively choosing those brands and products which she endorses or projects in which she involves herself.

The past four for five years, I became like really aware of the difference between what I wanted to do on camera and what people…what I thought people wanted me to do on camera. So I started working with trans women. I specialize in group scenes because it's what I love. Like I love to do certain types of scenes. I love DPs. I love harder more edgy themes. And I decided that it was more important to me to be true to my sexuality than not working with somebody that I wanted to work with. So I only shoot two or three times a year because I’m only interested in doing movies that I really really want to do, but I'm very passionate about with people that I really want to work with.

 Are there any genres of adult film that you've intentionally stayed away from or that you would?

No, but I would really love to do some edgier work and I'm not sure what that would look like. But I'm very interested in bondage and very interested in the kink side of things because again, as being ith WICKED for so long, I mean we have stuff that we shoot. We also have stuff that we don't shoot. So my first step is going to be finding a photographer with experience with rope and with experience with someone that's very new to it. But not really.

jessica drake's Guide To Wicked Sex

In the article I read about the filming of the latest edition which focuses on senior sex, you were very involved in the direction and maintaining a certain atmosphere. How involved are you generally in the production for each edition of the “Wicked Guide” series?

100%...I do the same for every movie. I make every educational in my line. I and you know what? “Senior Sex” actually because I partnered with Joan. Instead of writing that script because I’d written all of the scripts myself…I let Joan write that because that's her specialty but I did give her the outline of the formula. I was like “Here are the components I need here but you put them in your own words and give them to me. I'll okay it and you know we'll go from there. But I…I budget them. I shoot them all at my house.

Drake on set of Wicked Guide to Better Sex - Senior SexI do the casting very carefully, even when I'm like fishing in the pond of adult actors…like people that already have on-camera experience. I… I print out their photos. I sit… I sit on the floor and I like pair people up…you know? I’m like “Who do you want to be with? Who turns you on? Who do you have chemistry with?” Then I look at my cast as I have them and I had envisioned. I cater it. Like I run back and forth from like…a helping people get set up to putting things in the oven to eat later.

I do everything from start to finish. I don't edit and I don't do lighting. Those are probably the only two things in this whole equation I don't know how to do. But like my cameraman for instance is Barrett Blade as of lately. Barrett has been a great asset to me and still when Barrett shoots I stand right behind him and my eye is on his monitor at every every moment and I'll move them over and I'll position him and I’ll change the angle.

I’m very specific in what I want and he's…he's great to work with. Like he's definitely a great person. I chose Ray Rhett to do the stills on “Senior Sex” because to me that was a little out of the box for production stills. I love the results and I’ll continue to use them in the future but I have the luxury in directing and creating this line to really be able to make it exactly what I want it to be. So it's my project.

Where do you think it could go next? So obviously you have talked about senior sex, people who are overweight and you talk about different techniques. So where do you…I guess….what are some topics  you might want to explore later on?

Sex and disability. So when I did SFSI [San Francisco Sex Information] training in San Francisco a few years ago, there were different components of this training program and they were showing us educational resources from a variety of places and the only resources that they could show us about sex and disabilities were really outdated.

I don’t want to say bad because they were what they were right? But they were just like…I looked at them and I was like “Augh there’s a real lack of information here.” And I don't have a visible disability but I've definitely dealt with chronic illness in my life and I have many friends that have disabilities or are differently-abled depending on who they are and how it how they handle that terminology. And I would love to collaborate with a few people and make a project specifically for that community because nobody's doing it.

I mean that was my calling to “Senior Sex.” There’s such a lack of resources in that community. We know seniors are having sex. Like gonorrhea syphilis and chlamydia are on the rise among senior citizens so you know…I mean it’s true that it’s actually happening. HIV is emerging in an older population of people and we need to prevent this from happening.

Joan Price and Jessica Drake speak on Senior Sex edition of Wicked GuideSo any underserved community, and untapped educational resources, that's what I want to do in at the same time. Obviously, you know, I work for a company that loves to sell movies and make money. So I am going to revisit a few of the original ones to make advanced versions. So I've been getting a lot of requests for like a guy into DPs which I think is a fine idea. And you know senior sex was something that people have been asking me about for a few years because any time I do a training, I'm like “What would you like to see?” Senior sex kept coming up. And sex and disability kept coming up.

It’s needed and that's why I want to do it because I want to…I want to do things in a different way and I want to push for things I'm passionate about and I feel very very strongly about that . And what I want to do like long term - end goal - is to create an educational resource like that and give it to the SFSI in San Francisco so that they have it as a training resource for people in the future take their program and then be able to be like “Look. It’s out there. It exists.”


What do you think people overlook in finding attractive in other people?

I actually think we’re coming into a time when we are learning to appreciate authenticity and vulnerability in a way that we couldn't before and I think that to some degree with things like Instagram and Snapchat, people are getting used to everybody having a filter on them, you know like a special effect or something …although Dove did it a few years ago with a more realistic body image campaign…

Sportsheets in their latest campaign did not digitally alter anyone. Zero photoshop on anyone. And so I think that we are coming to a place where we can have that and I hope that's the case, right? I think that we're what we're starting to miss again, which happened like the first time everybody went crazy about the internet is connection and communities and I think that I mean not not that speak to a trait of attractiveness in an individual but I think that's a big draw. I think that community, connection are some of the things that we as a whole society are probably the most hungry for.

Well we’re fed really conflicting messages, right? It’s part of the reason that I did “Senior Sex” with Joan. Because we’re told “Wrinkles aren’t okay. Grey hair’s not ok. Folds in your body aren't okay.” You know we’re told all this stuff.

Do you think that may be why the MILF genre has taken off?


Is it something about finding imperfection that makes it more real?

Relatable? Obtainable? Attainable too? I think so and I also like the MILF craze I think too… separating the like stepson, stepdaughter stepmother…cause that’s a whole other thing…the MILF genre in and of itself, I think that also when women get a certain age are really comfortable with their sexuality and I think that they start being a lot more free with it and I think we like seeing that. I mean I think that we…we like that idea and I think a lot of people wish that they could embody it and I mean MILFs are hot so

What topic do men ask you about the most? And what do women ask you about the most?

That’s a great question. Men usually…men are asking me questions about stamina, dick size which is really interesting to me. They’ll ask me questions like I have a fill-in-the-blanks kink, fetish or I want to do. Like how do I get my partner to do it?”


Yeah. Exactly right How do I get my partner to try this? I got this question one time at an anal class: “How do I how do I make my wife have anal sex?” I’m like “Hahaha…you don’t. Leave.” [Not really] No. we really need to go back a bunch of steps…Cause you don’t make your partner do anything. Yeah.  I believe that in and of itself is just like “Wow.” And the stamina dick size  I think comes from the unrealistic expectations of being brought up on porn, right? Because you get this idea in your head that you can go for 4 or 5 hours, which no thank you and that you also have to have a massive dick which just isn't the case. The camera does add 10 pounds. Women come to me… 

One of the things I have noticed about really successful adult performers who are all women is they’re all tiny.  So… “Yeah it all looks bigger because the woman is like this big.” So if I was with a woman this big, my dick would look huge.

That’s a good secret. 

I think you're absolutely right. So the stamina dick size, how to “make” their partner do things sometimes how to please their partner. Men are asking me that question. Women ask me questions like… Yes they do want to please their partner so I do get a bit of that. They're curious about anal sex like genuinely curious but aren't to a point where they're comfortable enough to try with their partner because they don't have like working knowledge of it and no one ever really asked. Like who are you going to ask that question to? Your relatives? It doesn’t work. Um, they’re asking me questions like that. I get some some body image stuff. I also get a lot of questions about menopause, about sex and pregnancy and I don't have kids so I try to refer them to good resources.

I think questions from women are more about everything like all across the board. A lot of normalization questions. “This gets me off. Am I weird?” “ I want my partner to do this to me. Is that wrong?” You know so I do a lot of reassuring when I teach and talk to women.

I try to talk to people about I know we say it and it's way easier said than done but communication is massive, right? And I talk to a lot of women that have been in relationships for a really long time and their partners not getting them off but that's kind of their faults because that was happening in the beginning and they never corrected them. They never have a communication to say hey that's not working for me or I'm not really coming, or I would love it if you did X Y and Z, you know, so it really has. The importance of communication is massive and often overlooked.

Do you want to share any secrets here?

I consider dirty talk like adult Mad Libs and you can always start very slowly and work your way up. Never think that you have to like come right out of the gate sounding super sexy or super explicit or anything like that. That will usually not end well. It can be awkward at first and that's okay. And finally if you say a word or identify a body part that maybe it was backwards or wrong or whatever don't think too hard about it. Laugh it off and keep going.

And don’t say another person’s name.

True, yes…even if that means having to avoid saying any name.

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