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Interview with Cassie Pendleton of Wicked Sensual Care

This month, we talked with Cassie Pendleton of Wicked Sensual Care about how their company started and what goes into their products. We are delighted to feature Wicked Sensual Products in our new Vegan Collection.

We have reviewed Wicked's products for ourselves and they are terrific. Check out this review of their Candy Apple lube by Dirty MILF Next Door and this one by Bubbles on the Jelle Anal Lube.

Many people know Wicked for their movies. What made Wicked enter the lubricant market?

For more than 20 years, Wicked Pictures had been producing story driven, feature adult films primarily for women & couples who enjoyed movies as part of intimacy.  In 2011 when Wicked decided to diversify the brand, it was obvious to continue the move towards Sexual health, wellness and empowerment and intimate lubricants seemed like a natural progression so Wicked Sensual Care was born.


When this product was in development, who were you making this for?  

We developed the product line for everyone who wanted to have great sex!  We wanted to design items to satisfy specific needs to make sex better, so that intimacy could be the best that it could be.


Tell me a little about using Olive Leaf Extract in Wicked Sensual Care products.

Olive Leaf extract is a very interesting compound. When used topically it acts as a natural bio-static.  What that means is, if there is a bacteria in an environment, the bio-static will not allow that bacteria to continue to grow. It does not kill bacteria therefore a women’s natural balance is not thrown out of whack. Olive Leaf extract also aids in giving all of the products in the Aqua line and very rich & luxurious feel. 


Many people may not realize, but Wicked Sensual Care is Vegan and PETA certified. Was that important to you? (Why?)

We did develop this line wanting to have the products appeal to as many people as possible while still being true to the integrity of the brand.  We use only the highest quality ingredients in all of our formulas and those are all plant or mineral based.

We are also very proud to be a partner with PETA, as we love our furry friends and want them to be free from testing and cruelty.


What are some of the most innovative ingredients you use in the line?

As mentioned earlier, Olive Leaf extract is the most innovative ingredient used in all of our water based products. It is unique to Wicked Sensual Care and something that was incorporated into our products because the line was developed from a skincare prospective.

We use Aloe in many WSC items for several reasons. The natural consistency is wonderfully slick while at the same time it gives great body and cushion to our Gel products.

We love using Stevia for our flavors. It is a natural sweetener from the sunflower family that has no aftertaste, zero calories and is safe for diabetic use.

Lastly our warming products are activated by Cinnamon & Clove extracts giving a glowing warmth as opposed to a burning sensation that you can sometimes get from other heating elements.


Many of your products are glycerin free? Why is that important to Wicked Sensual Care?

We were careful to take into consideration that all bodies are different and have varying levels of sensitivity. Glycerin can be an issue for some women so we wanted to give everyone plenty of options.


We love the locking pumps, its so smart! Tell us a little about the packaging and design.

When the packaging was being designed, we wanted it to be a representative of the Wicked Brand; beautiful, sexy and smart. The locking pumps just made sense on so many levels. They are great for 1 handed application without creating and causing a mess.  For travel adventures, the locking pumps are especially handy. 


Our favorite flavor from the line is Salted Caramel. Are any new flavors in the works?

Salted Caramel is one of our favorites too. We get a lot of feedback from our customers suggesting different flavors. Yes, we do have new exciting flavors in the works but for now we are keeping those under wraps. Stay Tuned!

Remember to check out Wicked Sensual Products on their own or in our new Vegan Collection.

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