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Interview with Adult Model and Film Star Sofie Marie

As we are committed to exploring the many parts of sexuality, including entertainment, we reached out to a new friend, Sofie Marie. She is not only a performer but she is also an enterprising businesswoman who has set out to build her own adult entertainment endeavor - the Yummy Girl Network.

She hosts a regular cam show, which we checked out last week, and it is one hell of an experience which we enjoyed. 

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Sofie Marie in lingerie on a bed

Tell us about yourself. You are from la right?

Yes I am a native

Can you tell us in your own words what you do and how you came to this point in your career?  

I am a porn actress and website entrepreneur in the adult industry

You have only been in the adult business a short time, correct? How long?

I started in 2016 and have been full time in adult since 2018

You have a very activate website and cam business. How often do you cam?

I cam 5-6 days a week, I love interacting with my fans.

Which came first? Camming or film?

I started off as a micro bikini model, then nude model, then adult videos…..camming was really the last thing I tried.  I was nervous at first but now I love it

You were quoted as saying about your first scene: "i was a little nervous at first...for my website, my husband films. I was a little nervous but he was like, ‘hey, don’t worry about it. The fellow performers are great!’ the first couple times I was nervous but it’s fun. It’s relaxing. I just relax and have a good time. I love to suck cock or play with a pussy and to have an orgasm and all is good!" do you recall the first scene and with whom you performed? What were you nervous about exactly? Performing or the interaction with other performers?

My very first scenes were with my producer/photographer, spike, POV style.  My first on camera scene with an established actor was with Alex Jones.  We had a great time together!

Feelings of jealousy are natural and sometimes difficult to control with watching your partner have with another. What do you think is/are the critical element(s) to making this career work when married?  

My hubby and I are swingers so fucking other guys or girls was already a part of my life and marriage, so now I just film it!

According to an article I read, you and your husband are in the swinger lifestyle. Does that make it easier to work with others?  

I think so, since we are open with each other, so it’s not cheating if we share the experience with each other. Lying or hiding feelings is really the big problem and makes trust disappear.

Regarding the lifestyle, some of our customers are probably curious about it. 

Specifically, how does one learn more about if curious? 

There are many good blogs and some good sites to join are kasidie.comsdc.com or lifestylelounge.com.  I would recommend couples try a party or a trip first.  A good place to find trips is seductiontravel.com

What are your recommendations? What are pitfalls?  

The girl is in charge of who gets to play and with whom.  The guy is just there to collect the girls’ clothes if things go well.  If the guys are invited to play, they should enjoy the offer and the experience…..its a female driven lifestyle for the couples who last and keep coming back.

You have done some fetish work. Has this been helpful for you to explore your own sexuality and tastes?

I have tried some BDSM, and I have found that I am not as much of a sub as I thought I was!  I am working on my femdom, but that is a work in progress.

I caught the last twenty minutes of your cam show and it was you and your husband(?)  

No, it’s Spike acting out a massage scenario.

Is that typical of your show? I ask because many cam models tend to do mostly solo performances.

Spike is always on me to make content and I like him to cam on VNA with me, so we let the cam show be a BTS experience and we shoot scenes for my site.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

What do you think couples could learn or gain from material?  

I think the best way to learn about each other is talking and fantasy…..watch some porn, and try some roleplay….make sure you are both on the same page before you venture off into the world of couples dating.

What have you learned about yourself from camming and performing?

I never masturbated before camming, now I need an orgasm a day or I am cranky!  I have learned that being Sofie is good, and I am not as shy as I used to be.

From a performer perspective, how different is camming from performing on video?  

Video is more of a choreographed experience….you have  script and a plan.  Camming is more spontaneous and I have to react to the wishes of the clients and their needs.

One growing genre of adult film is the "fan f**k." would you ever consider this? Have you filmed this kind of performance?  

I get lots of offers, but I don’t escort.  I do swing so I have fucked fans that way!  I am starting a site called reversecastingcouch.com for male and females who want to be in porn can audition on video and perform with me.  That is kind of an amateur fan fucking thing if they are fans.

If so, I have to imagine that going from fan safely behind a computer screen to in front of a camera can be daunting. How was it?  

I started doing everything sexual in front of a camera really…..i had barely started swinging when my husband and I met spike and his wife, and my hubby and I  thought this would be a fun journey so I got the green light to be naughty on camera.

I also noticed that in a lot of these videos, the fans are often ripped.

I suspect that this does not accurately represent the average porn viewer. Thoughts?  I love abs so I would likely pick a fit guy over a larger guy so I get that.  I am looking to find the next hot guy in porn, vs just fucking a fan, so I am really not the best actress to ask.

Do you have a favorite scene? If so, what is it? Top three or four are fine as well. Why are they your favorite?

I enjoyed “Sibling Rivalry” with my “stepsons”. It was a DP [double penetration] scene, but the acting between the two male talent was quite entertaining. I also enjoyed “Cuckold by Phone English Escort” with Quinton James. He is quite the stunning young man. :) I love his eyes and abs.

What is your honest reaction to realizing that tens of thousands of men are pleasuring themselves to you?

My honest reaction is that I’m very flattered when I realize how many men are “having fun” with their cocks while thinking of my pussy...once in awhile it most definitely makes my pussy wet...


Thank you for your time and insights, Sofie! Make sure to follow Sofie on Twitter at WickedYummy1 or visit her website SofieMarieXXX.com.

Stay tuned for product reviews from Sofie in the near future. We can't wait.

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